Barre Body during Pregnancy

We’re often asked questions about Barre Body and pregnancy, so we thought we’d put together a little guide for all the gorgeous mummas-to-be!

Can I do Barre Body when pregnant?

Yes you can! We love having pregnant ladies in our classes, and you can come along to every class except Detox Yoga (which isn’t appropriate throughout pregnancy) and Pilates Mat (which isn’t suitable after 16 weeks).

What can and can’t I do in class?

We’ve pulled together a video for all the modifications you need to be aware of during pregnancy. We recommend you watch it before attending class, and also arrive to your first class 15 minutes early to speak to your teacher about modifications .

Can I do Barre Body in every trimester?

We recommend taking a break in the first trimester, but if you have been coming to Barre Body you may choose to continue classes in the first trimester, but please be much more more gentle with your body and avoid twisting poses that compress the belly.

Do you run prenatal Barre Body classes?

Yes we do! While we don’t run a dedicated prenatal group class, we do offer a 30-minute prenatal 1:1 class ($50), where you’ll be introduced to all the modifications you need to be aware of.

Can I do Barre Body at home while pregnant?

Absolutely! We have a range of beautiful prenatal workouts available on our Online Studio (free for you to enjoy). Simply filter by ‘Prenatal’ and enjoy.

Is there any exercise I should avoid while pregnant?

Your body changes so much during pregnancy that the most important thing is to listen to the cues it is giving you. Rest when you feel tired and move when you have the energy. It’s likely that certain things that felt good before you fell pregnant (for example running or yoga inversions and backbends), just won’t feel quite right during pregnancy and you will instinctively start avoiding them. We recommend avoiding high impact exercise – aerobics, cardio, running – during pregnancy and slowing down a little. It’s also important to avoid any movements that compress the belly, like twisting across the body. When it comes to core work, any crunch-style movements (flexion of the spine) should be avoided, in favour of slow and steady transverse abdominus exercises, like extending opposite arm and leg while in an all fours position (imagining a thick rubber band gently tightening around your lower belly, lower spine to active these TA muscles). Barre, yoga, walking and swimming are just wonderful, as is pilates if you can attend a specialised prenatal class.

Will Barre Body help during labour?

Yes! Exercising, particularly strength and stretching, can really help with a smoother delivery and faster recovery. Strength work (light weights, barre, standing yoga postures) can help with endurance, post labour recovery and also help with active labour positions like squatting and standing. Yoga/stretching can really help to prepare the body for labour and birth by opening the pelvis. Be careful not to overstretch as the hormone relaxin is increased in pregnant women, making them more flexible and potential prone to injury if they overdo it.

Where do you find maternity exercise clothes?

If there’s a brand that’s making beautiful, comfortable maternity exercise wear, we’re yet to find it! (Please let us know if you’ve found one!) We recommend opting for your favourite brands, and go up a size or two. Lululemon’s stretchy waistband pants work well (particularly as they can sit under your belly), as do Asos Maternity’s oversized t-shirts.

What are your tips for getting back into shape after a baby?

Bond with your baby, enjoy being a mumma, be kind to yourself, and exercise when you can. Even 10 minutes here and there really helps when you have an opportunity (and the energy). That’s why we love online and DVD workouts as you can do a little bit at a time. Our online studio and DVDs are perfect for this.