What’s the difference between Pilates and Barre? (And should you teach both?)

barre vs pilates benefits

Barre and Pilates. They go together like bread and butter (or even better? Gin and tonic). So much so, that the two styles are often lumped into the same bucket. Low-impact, highly-effective powerhouses.

However, as similar as they may be, Barre and Pilates are two distinct styles, which can (and should!) be used in a client’s overall wellness regime. With both classes in a weekly schedule, maximum results can be achieved. And as a teacher? Having both these styles in your repertoire can make you as in-demand and effective as you wish to be. So, shall we look into the two styles in depth?

Pilates: Precision and Elegance in Movement

Originated by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates was initially designed as a rehabilitation method for dancers and soldiers, with a keen focus on core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement. Today, it has branched into styles like Classical Pilates, staying true to its roots, and Power Pilates (the Barre Body way!), which applies a powerful, modern approach to tried and tested movements. Whether through mat sessions or on the Reformer, Pilates offers something for everyone. Whether you’re teaching beginners or advanced, through to injured or prenatal clients, your classes will promote better posture, muscle tone, and body awareness. All in all? Pilates is a discipline that instills grace and efficiency in every movement, laying a solid foundation for physical health.

Barre: Dance-Inspired Fitness for Everyone

Barre draws inspiration from ballet but is tailored to be inclusive to achieve a dancer’s physique. Think long, lean muscles and heightened flexibility for everyone. This style of exercise merges ballet barre practices with Pilates, yoga, and strength training principles for a well-rounded workout that boosts posture, endurance, and muscle definition. Barre will challenge your clients regardless of their fitness level; building strength while feeling really, really good.

Weaving Together the Fabric of Pilates and Barre

When your clients schedule both Pilates and Barre into your fitness regimes, they create a routine rich with diversity, balance, and depth. Pilates will lay the groundwork with its core-centric approach; preparing the body to embrace Barre’s rhythmic and fluid movements. This powerful combo not only amplifies physical benefits—enhancing strength, flexibility, and posture—but also elevates mental clarity and bodily awareness. It’s a holistic approach that caters to all.

And as a teacher?

If you can offer both styles, you are future-proofing yourself with a gorgeous set of tools for that teaching belt.

Embark on Your Journey with Barre Body

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