5 things to consider before choosing a training provider

teacher training

So you’ve decided you want to make your passion for fitness your career? We love to hear it!

Now, it’s time to determine who is going to hold your hand throughout that process. Finding the right training provider can be likened to a long-term relationship. And boy oh boy, do you want to get that right! This is the company – and the people – who will guide you, teach you, support you and encourage you. They’ll be there for you when you’re finding things tricky, and they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders when you’re at your peak. So, how do you go about choosing the right partner in your training?

This really comes down to what is most important to you. Spend some time thinking about the type of company you want to be aligned to and the type of teacher you want to be. Do you want to have a deep understanding of anatomy, or do you want to really know how to make an exercise burn? Do you want to create technically perfect classes, or do you want to instil a love of movement within your clients? Do you want to graduate quickly and move on, or do you want to enter into a community of like-minded instructors (who may go on to be your closest friends and mentors)? There is no right or wrong answer here – simply personal preference. This is your career you’re carving out – and a significant investment to get there – so it’s invaluable that you take the time to select the right training provider.

Now how do you determine who aligns best with your values? Do your research. Who are their alumni, and where are they teaching? What does the company stand for and how do they present this to the world? (Instagram is a great place to start.) What are they known for?

With that in mind, we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider before choosing a training provider:

1. Does the training just cover repertoire or all components of teaching?

Be it music, sequencing, flow, cueing, modifications, or touching clients correctly, there’s so much more to teaching than the exercises.

2. When was the curriculum last updated?

The world of Pilates is ever-changing, and it’s important that your training is up to date with the latest science and research.

3. What support will be offered after graduation?

Becoming an expert instructor is a journey, so it’s important that your provider is there every step of the way, with no question ever going unanswered.

4. Is the training certified?

If you’re already registered with a leading health or fitness body, it’s a no-brainer that you should be able to claim professional development points upon graduating.

5. Are there any ongoing fees and commitments?

Will you be restricted to teaching under a certain brand or style? Decide how you would like to teach, and what feels right for you.

While we can’t speak on behalf of our competitors, we can tell you about the values of Barre Body. We celebrate every body. The magic of the individual. The beauty in diversity. And this love extends from the way we approach our clients, right through to the way we teach our instructors. We don’t produce cookie cutter graduates. We encourage you to do the work. To discover who you are and how you can bring your own teaching brilliance to your classes. Because at the end of the day, this is what will have clients coming back for more, time and time again.

With Barre Body Teacher Training, we also focus on what we know best – which is creating extraordinary experiences for clients. Having run successful studios for many years, we know what it takes to create life-changing classes and to create a multi-million dollar business in the process. What’s more, we know what type of instructors we look to hire. And that’s precisely what we teach in our Teacher Training programs. Because we don’t just want you to walk out with a repertoire of anatomical terms and a few class plans (although that certainly does come into the mix) – we want you to graduate as a highly employable Barre or Pilates instructor, ready to teach incredible classes, immediately.

Finally, we pride ourselves on the support we provide our teacher trainees. We don’t send you off with a manual and hope for the best. We’re by your side, every step of the way. With our thriving Facebook community, our master trainers who are available around the clock, and our weekly online group mentoring sessions, we make sure you’re supported and feeling the love, both during your course and far beyond your graduation. Because once you’re part of the Barre Body family, you’re in it for life.

Of course, our approach isn’t for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. So do your due diligence, and discover the training provider who best resonates with you, and the you you’re about to become.