Why Mums Should Consider Online Study

Why mums should study online

There’s no denying it. Online study is the way of the future. (So is AI, but we’ll save that existential crisis for another blog.) With online study, comes more opportunities than you can fit in your neoprene nappy bag. (So roomy.)

Here are just a few of our favourite perks to studying online, and why it’s the perfect option for new mums. We could keep going, but we’ll keep it short and sweet — you’re one busy mama bear.

1. Go at your own pace.

Bub crying? Pause the video. Time for a change? Put down the book. The beauty of online study is that you can return to the course material whenever it suits you, with zero pressure to race through the content.

2. No travel time.

With zero commute, squeezing in study time has never been easier. No traffic jams, no surprise tolls, and absolutely zero parallel parking required. In fact, the furthest you need to travel is from your nursery to your kitchen table.

3. Start whenever you like.

There are no specific dates you need to enrol by. Online study means you can start your course whenever it suits you. During naptime. The first time you drop them off at daycare. Your second trimester. Whether you get started while you’re pregnant or during maternity leave, you make the rules. 

4. More affordable.

Most online courses are more affordable than their in-person versions. Then there’s the savings on the flights — like if you’re travelling to Byron Bay for our Teacher Trainings. Not to mention the money you’ll save on all those coffees, smoothies, and spritzes post-class. (At home, you can DIY it!)

5. Perfect starting point.

Your postpartum period is the perfect time to pivot careers. (We wrote a whole blog about why, here.) And online courses provide the perfect starting point for your new career, and subsequently new life. We get you fully equipped and fully certified. So when you’re ready to step into a studio, you’re totally prepared.

6. Online community.

Don’t think that just because it’s online, it’s any less social than our in-person courses. Some of our best friends were made on the Internet (heyyyy, Anna). Thanks to dedicated Facebook groups and forums, you can meet people from all over the world, and even get one-on-one time with our Teacher Training team. Yay! 

We’re the instructors who train the instructors. And as Australia’s leading barre and Pilates company, we’ve developed the most comprehensive online training program. Our top priority? You. It’s why we put the same TLC into our online courses as we do our in-person training. 

Browse through our online courses here. And if you want to talk to any of our instructors at any stage of your journey, you can book a call here. (We love to chat.)