Join the team that loves to move

You’ve landed here because you like cardio as much as croissants. And because you may be one of Barre Body’s future team mates.

New here? Get to know us

Barre Body danced onto the Australian boutique fitness stage nearly ten years ago when everybody thought ‘the barre’ was ‘the bar’ – and came expecting a Long Island Ice Tea. We had people shaking, pulsing, and sweating in ways the cocktail shaker never could. What started as simply barre, has evolved into a full suite of classes, studios, over 300 online classes, targeted programs, globally-recognised teacher training, and our incredibly community.

The best part? We’re not focused on how people look. We care about how you feel. You’ll never hear talk of calorie-burning, getting lean, or sweating out last night’s mistake. Because firstly, those decisions weren’t mistakes. And secondly, gross. We find joy in movement and endless ways to love our bodies back.

Here’s what’s on offer when you join the family

  • Comprehensive training (150 hours of the good stuff) and ongoing education, because we know you didn’t get this good by accident.
  • Competitive salaries and class rates, because you can’t live on good vibes and stardust alone.
  • Love-ins and team events, because we know teaching can get lonely, sometimes.
  • Most importantly? You’ll be joining a culture of love and kindness. You’ll be part of an incredible team of movers and shakers, working in the most magical spaces (if we do say so ourselves).

Think you’re the perfect fit? We think so too. Send your resume to our General Manager, Amy. We can’t wait to hear from you.